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Wiggens – Unjacketed Filter Reactor

Small-volume filter reactor with 45/50 joint at top, and #50 Ace-Thred (internal glass thread) at bottom that accepts a 5838-83 (#50) PTFE bottom adapter with filter support and drain valve. Head has a 19/38 center neck and three 14/20 side necks. Complete item consists of: reactor body, head with joints, clamp, #50 PTFE bottom adapter with size –136 CAPFE o-ring, 350 micron polypropylene screen support, 100 micron polyethylene support, 5844 adapter, 5839-42 shutoff valve, 8066-120 non-flaking bearing, 9534-40 stirring rod, 9542-20 blade. For glass fritted support replacements for polypropylene screen and polyethylene support, see 5848 or 5814; for condensers, see 6024; for addition funnel, see 7299. For stirring motor, see 13523; for chuck, see 8124 or 8126.

Top Joint Bottom Ace-Thred,# Body I.D.,mm Approx. Height,mm Complete

Order No.

Head, only

Order No.

Body, only

Order No.

100mL Capacity
45/50 #50 51 65 JRS-6381-25 JRS-9443-10 JRS-6381-05
150mL Capacity
45/50 #50 51 125 JRS-6381-30 JRS-9443-10 JRS-6381-10
Replacement Parts Order No.
Adapter, PTFE, 3/8″ MPT–1/4″ FNPT, only JRS-5844-120
Bottom Adapter, #50–3/8″ FNPT, only JRS-5838-83
Bottom Shutoff Valve, 1/4″ MNPT–1/4″ Tube, PTFE JRS-5839-42
Clamp, Plastic, 45/50 JRS-7598-45
Bearing, 19/22, 6mm JRS-8066-120
Stopper, 14/20 JRS-9543-04
Stirring Shaft JRS-9534-40
Stirring Blade, PTFE JRS-9542-20
Optional Accessories Order No.
PTFE Sleeves 14/20/Pkg. 3 JRS-7642-07
PTFE Sleeves 19/38/Pkg. 3 JRS-7643-06
PTFE Sleeves 45/50/Pkg. 3 JRS-7642-23
Thermometer Adapter, 14/20 JRS-5028-26
CAPFE O-Ring JRS-7855-829

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